Canadian LED Company Tests GPS-equip
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Canadian LED Company Tests GPS-equipped LED Street Lights Switches

Reportedly, Nova Scotia based company Led Roadway Lighting , has won a $500,000 contract from the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program to test GPS-equipped led street lights switches.

Executive vice-president Darren Zwicker in an interview introduced that “It could replace existing automatic light switching by photocell."

According to Zwicker , the lights can be shipped around the world and their imbedded GPS chips will recognize exactly where they are and accurately determine local sunrise and sunset times used to switch the lights off and on automatically.

It’s said that Public Works and Government Services Canada will select a site to road-test 200 of the GPS-equipped lights.

At present, LED Roadway is supplying LED fixtures to replace 2,500 high-pressure sodium lights throughout Nova Scotia as part of a recently announced $3.2-million contract. And it also supplied led lights for the replacement of 2,100 light fixtures in Halifax Regional Municipality.