IR 44 key led rgb controller
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IR 44 key led rgb controller
Aluminum IR 44 key controller for controlling a variety of led lamps as the light source, such as: point light, flexible light strip, wall washer lamp, glass curtain wall light and so on; has low price, easy wiring, simple to use, etc.; through infrared remote control for adjusting brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects. In addition, customers may need to adjust their light color.

Technical Parameters:

Working temperature: -20-60 °C 
Supply voltage: DC12 ~ 24V 
Output: 3 channels 
Connecting mode: common anode 
Controller dimension: L130 × W65 × H25mm 
Package size: L135 × W80 × H54mm 
Net  Weight: 180g 
Gross Weight: 210g 
Static power consumption: <1W 
Output current: <4A/ch or <8A/ch (optional) 
Output Power: 12V/4A <144W; 12V/8A <288W; 24V/4A <288W; 24V/8A <576W


External dimension:






                                      remote control:



Connection description:

Power input interface (port1): 


Load output interface:

   Adopt male and female connector with screw.


Direction for use: 

Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur

 between connecting wire before you turn on the power;

Operationyou will receive infrared remote control in front of infrared receiver to ensure that there is

 no barrier between the remote controller and receiver.

The key-press functions are shown in the table as below (in accordance with the key position order): 

Brightness rise

Brightness fall



Static red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static orange

Static light green

Static dark blue

Static  milk white

Static dark yellow

Static cyan

Static lyons blue

Static white pink

Static yellow

Static light blue

Static purple

Static green-white

Static light yellow

Static sky blue

Static brown

Static blue white

Increase red

Increase green

Increase blue

Speed up

Decrease red

Decrease green

Decrease blue


DIY key1

DIY key2

DIY key3

Automatic change

DIY key4

DIY key5

DIY key6

Flash on and off

color jumpy change

7 color jumpy change

3 color fade change

7 color fade change

Supplement:About DIY key, when its pressed first time, will enter the DIY color mode, you can adjust the color

 per the 6 keys at above to increase or decrease the R/G/B color by yourself freely(if other key is pressed

 this time,will jump out from DIY color mode). And you can save the color which you have adjusted by pressing

 the DIY key once again. When next time this key is pressed, it will show the color you saved last time. 

There are 6 DIY keys, so you can save 6 colors you like. They are all Independent, have no effect each

 other. For example: if you press DIY key1 first, and then press DIY key2, DIY key1 will be invalid, until DIY

 key2 is pressed once again, current color will be saved.


Typical Application: