Touch CT Controller
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Touch CT Controller
This Rf Touch Remote Color temperature Controller is one of a newly design LED Touch remote controller of Our factory. Using the latest capacitance touch technology and unique appearance design,Looks Simple, intuitive ,it realize of the effect of remote dimming control.This controller provide two channels output,the two channels can be adjusted at the same time,and any channel can be adjusted independently.This controller is integrated with the advantage of easy connection, stable Rf transmission just with little Interference, and long lifespan.This controller is with short circuit protection function,when meet short circuit, its green indicating light will be twinkling in a fixed frequency to indicate the user.what's more,Its with automatically restore function after short circuit protection,this personalized design can make the user experience another different sense.

main characteristic:

1.Novel,fashionable,unique,noble appearance ,High sensitivity with good feeling.

2.The touching ring is sensitive, the temperature color is Very intuitive appear in the touch ring,user can 

choose the color temperature they prefer easily.Beside, this remote can be touch single point or to touch

 continually to realize choosing the color temperature. 

3.Low power consumption, long lifespan, can be touch infinite times , overcome the shortcomings of 

traditional key short lifespan.

4.With auto Resting function,it will be turn into Resting state after 20 seconds with touching the remote 

control,this function can Realize saving electricity and prolong the battery lifespan.

5.With auto Resting function,it will be turn into Resting state after 20 seconds with touching the remote 

control,this function can Realize saving electricity and prolong the battery lifespan.

6.Stable remote,long remote distance. 


Technical parameters:


    Working temperature:-30°C~+60°C

     Supply Voltage:DC 12V-24V

     Output:3 channels N-MOS Drain open output     

     Connection mode:common anode

     Static power consumption:<0.5W

     Output current: 6A*2Ch=12A 6A(Each channel)

     controller dimension:L83 Χ W79 Χ H33 mm

     Package size:L205ΧW135ΧH45mm

     Net Weight:168g

     Gross Weight:392g


Remote Control:

     Working temperature:-30°C~+60°C

     Power supply mode:2pcs NO.7 Battery     

     Supply voltage:3V

     Static power consumption:<0.09mW

     Static current:30uA

     Operating current:20mA

     Remote-controlled distance:>20M

     Stand-by time:6 months


External dimension:




Remote control Function instruction:




Connection Instruction:




DC+For power input +(power supply voltage12v-24v)

DC-:  For power input -

V+:      For Load Common anode

W:Warm light output port

CCold light output port

Power:   Red indicating light is for power light,when the power on it will be turn on.

Receiver:Green indicating light, normally it will be in the state of OFF,it will be twinkle

when received Signal From the remote.When the controller output meets short circuit,the green indicating light will be twinkle in a Fixed frequency to indicate the user.




Typical Applications: