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magic  control
This magic controller is suit for LPD6803 (UCS1903/LPD8806,WS2811/TM2801/TM1809 etc) output applications to drive LED directly. It is widely used in advertising, stage sets, home decorations, etc. It has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity to use. It has power off memory function. Meanwhile, you could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through wireless remote control.

Technical Parameters: 


Working temperature:-20-60°C

 Supply voltage:DC5V, 12V~24V optional(specify the required supply voltage on orders)

 Rated power:2.2W

 Controller size:L94×W58×H25mm

 Remote control size:L90×W36×H15mm

 Package size:L135×W80×H55mm

 Net weight:115g

Gross weight:165g

Mode:133 kinds changing mode

Controlled IC Model:TM16726,TM2801,,WS2811, UCS1903 etc. (specify the required model on orders)

Maximum control points:1024 (Low-speed) points, 2048 (High-speed) points

Accessories:one pcs of black color DC wire+2 pcs of 4 pins signal wire


External Dimension: 


Interface Specifications:


Direction for use:

1.Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between

 connecting wire before you turn on the power. Then set the steps as follows.

The two number appear on the left side of the digital tube is for the Mode function,and the right side two 

number in the digital tube is to shown the speed level.

There are 8 buttons on the controller, the function of the keys are as below:



 Adopt the radio frequency remote control, there are eight key on the remote controlthe key function

 are as follows:

ON/OFF:To turn ON/OFF the output at anytime;

PauseCan play/pause the controlled in order to observe the effect.

S+: increase changing speed;

S-:decrease changing speed,total 100 changing level;

B+: To choose the former mode,total 133 change mode;

B-: To choose the next mode;

M+:In ON/OFF state, press this key to increase the controlled IC number,max controlled 2048 pcs IC

M-:In ON/OFF State,Press this key to decrease the controlled IC number, Min controlled 3 pcs IC

Turn OFF the controller, and it will be save automatic.

Typical Applications: