60x60cm LED Panel Light 40W 50W 60W
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60x60cm LED Panel Light 40W 50W 60W
LED Panel Light 60x60cm 40W 50W 60W

LED Panel Light 60x60cm 40W 50W 60W

- Instant start
- No flickering
- No humming form the driver
- Anti-glare PMMA light guid + LEDs situated side
- High lumens and low decay rate
- CE RoHS SAA driver
- 3 years warranty

led panel lgiht 60x60cm 40W ceiling panel light Specification: 

Part Number PL6x640WW 
Input voltage &frequency AC85V-265V 50/60Hz
Light source SMD2835/240pcs
Power consumption 40W
Color temperature WW:2800K~3200K NW:4000K~4500K
LED luminous efficiency  80lm/W  CW:6000K~6500K
Lamp Lumens 3000lm
CRI(Ra) >78  
Beam angle 120°
Working temperature -40°C~60°C
Housing material Aliminium shell+PC cover
Product size


Light source life span ≥50,000 hrs
LED Panel Light 60x60cm 40W drawing size:

LED panel light 60x60cm 40W structure:
 This LED pa

LED panel light 300x300 300x600 300x1200 600x600 600x1200 all size type:

led panel light Aluminum:

led panel light 60x60cm 40W installation:

ED Panel light More size and power:

Part No. Input Voltage LED Chip LED QTY Dimension Lumens POWER
PL3X620W AC85-265V SMD2835 120 300*600*10mm 1800m ± 10%LM 20W
PL3X630W AC85-265V SMD2835 180 300*600*10mm 2500lm ± 10%LM 30W
PL6X630W AC85-265V SMD2835 240 600*600*10mm 2500lm ± 10%LM 30W
PL6X640W AC85-265V SMD2835 240 600*600*10mm 3000lm ± 10%LM 40W
PL6X650W AC85-265V SMD2835 360 600*600*10mm 4300lm ± 10%LM 50W
PL6X660W AC85-265V SMD2835 360 600*600*10mm 5000lm ± 10%LM 60W
PL3X1230W AC85-265V SMD2835 240 300*1200*10mm 2500lm ± 10%LM 30W
PL3X1240W AC85-265V SMD2835 240 300*1200*10mm 3000lm ± 10%LM 40W
PL3X1250W AC85-265V SMD2835 360 300*1200*10mm 3800lm ± 10%LM 50W
PL3X1260W AC85-265V SMD2835 360 300*1200*10mm 5000lm ± 10%LM 60W
 PL6X1260W AC85-265V SMD2835 360 600*1200*10mm 5000lm ± 10%LM 60W
 PL6X1270W AC85-265V SMD2835 360 600*1200*10mm 5500lm ± 10%LM 70W
 PL6X1285W AC85-265V SMD2835 480 600*1200*10mm 6000lm ± 10%LM 85W
 PL6X12100W AC85-265V SMD2835 480 600*1200*10mm 8000lm ± 10%LM 100W

LED panel light Light 60x60cm 40W Packing:

2:Gross Weight: 13kg
3:Size of carton:65x65x75cm