20W New LED flood light
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20W New LED flood light
20W New LED flood light

1、 Features:
Full waterproof design 
High transmittance empered glass,transimittan 93% 
The radiating area 1250cm² 
Multi-Chip on lead frame,single module LED package design 
System design integrating power supply,LED light engine ,and heat sink 
Over Current,Over Voltage,Over Heat,Thunder Protection 
Choice of correlated color temperatures 
Long lifespan for LED 50,000 hrs 
Complying with CE、ROHS, No strobing during working, Fast response (no delay) , No

mercury vapour ,No radiation,No UV,No damage with frequency switching 
IP Rating: IP65 
Power supply direct touch the radiator,in light weight


2、Application area: 
Replacing traditional High Pressure Sodium lamp or metal halide lamp. 
Widely used for advertise billboard 、exterior wall of hotel and related landscape lighting

3、Product Dimensions:



1、All dimension units are millimeters.

2、All dimension tolerance is ±1mm unless otherwise noted.


4、Product Specification:

Input voltage: AC85V~265V
Freqency range: 50HZ~60HZ
Tatal harmouic distortion: ≤9%
Power facor:  ≥0.9
Power efficiency:  >85%
Sysem consumption: 21.5W

LED package: Multi-chip on led frame,Single module
LED consumption: 10W
LED Working voltage: DC30~36V
LED quantity:1PCS
LED luminous: >1900 lm
LED luminous efficiency: 90~100 lm/W
CRI: >80
Average illuminance:
H=2m >25 lux 
H=3m >12.5lux
H=4m >9 lux 
Facula area:
H=2m 3.5m×3.5m
H=3m 6.5m×6.5m
H=4m 9.5m×9.5m
Illuminance uniformity: >0.68
LED Junction temperature: ≤60℃
Operational condition: Temperature -40℃~60℃
Humidity  10%~90%RH
Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃
Working life-span: >50,000H
Connect wire: Brown-L Blue-N Yellow/Green-G
Beam angle: 120°
IP Grad: IP65 
Housing:  ABS and AI alloy
Mounting Height: Suitable for 3~5m height

5、Connect wire:           



6、Polar Diagram of Luminance:


7、AAI Figure:

All data is under 25℃,unless otherwise specified 


1 Set = 265mm×225mm×125mm 1.09Kg 
1 Carton = 16 Set Size: 530mm×465mm×510mm 18.44Kg

Installation tool:  A adjustable wrench group. 
Installation Steps: 
① Tighten Axle Screw, and Locate Screw 
② Connecting the power line of LED Flood Light to the power supplier ,finish the installation procedure 
The installation notices: 
① No necessary using other devices for LED Flood light installation such as            stabilizer,  regulator and so on 
② Opening the light and lifting the buckle is unallowable.           Soaking in the    water is unallowable

Do Not Use Other Devices for LED Floodlight Installation Such as Stabilizer,  
Regulator …etc 
Do Not Open the Light Engine 
Do Not Soak the Floodlight into Water 
Do Not Light up the System Without Grounding 
Do Not Use Dimmer 


3 Years Warranty Starts from Taking Delivery of Goods a Day. The Warranty Content
Includes the Damage of All Components, Such as LED Light Source and Power 


The Floodlight Must Operate at the Common Normal Environment. As in Order to 
be Faced by the Sea Road in 3 Kilometers or to Use in the Bad Environment Such       as Tunnel, Warranty Period is Within 1 Year.

The Calculation of Warranty Period with Turn on the Light for a Day 8-10 Hours is Limited. As Everyday Longer Than 10 Hours, Then Gradually Decrease According to Comparison Warranty Time Limit.